Doggy World

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"Every dog must have his day" Jonathan Swift

Our Mission

The mission of Doggy World is to provide quality pet foster care and services to dogs of U.S. service members, military families, and busy working owners throughout the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

Our Vision

Doggy World dedicates itself to achieving a vision for pet foster care and services in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area in which communities are inspired to take an active and shared role in the caring and sheltering of dogs.

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Everyday service members who are pet owners often face a hard and unwanted decision of having to decide what to do with their pet while they are away for an upcoming deployment. If the service member is unable to find a proper home for their pet, the animal is often taken to their local shelter. Unfortunately, in the U.S. 56% if the number of cats and dogs who enter shelters are often euthanized. That equates to 4-5million animals each year (HSUS, 2010; NCPP, 2010). For the owner who feels your pet is not just your pet, but rather a member of your immediate family, this is not an option.

While you are away during the day, your dog awaits patiently just to hear you put the key in the door and turn the knob. Full of energy and devotion they greet you daily. When circumstances arise that require you to depend on someone else to provide care for your dog, finding the right “home away from home” is essential.

Our Services

Organization of Hope’s Doggy World is dedicated to supporting veterans and military families. With a talented staff and carefully selected volunteer foster homes, we provide a safe place of love and comfort for our service members’ dogs during deployment and reunite owners with their dogs upon return. We pride ourselves in selecting foster homes that have a genuine love for animals and willingness to care for dogs. In addition to our foster home services, we also provide daycare services to busy working and/or vacationing owners who need a warm, caring and attentive place to shelter their dog while they are away. In addition to these services, Doggy World is proud to offer the following services:

  1. Psychiatric/PTSD Services/Pets2Vets
  2. Daycare
  3. Grooming (Mobile)
  4. Self-Service (Big/Small)
  5. Supplies
  6. Boarding
  7. Dog Walk
  8. Transportation
  9. Training
  10. Home Delivery
  11. Rescue Events
  12. Veterinarian/Medical Support**