Providing Hope and a Future - One Dollar at a Time

What is a Hope Partner?


Thank you for your support. Without your help, our efforts to curb and eventually eradicate modern day homelessness, child neglect, animal brutality, hunger, and senior citizens abuse would not be possible.

These humanistic problems in our nation would continue to devastate our community and our nation.

Partnering with HOPE enables you to donate to help those in need become self-reliant.

You are the fuel that stokes the fire to allow Organization of Hope and it’s entities to continue to seek out those entrapped as well as bring awareness to the issue through whatever avenue possible.

Right now, we are raising money to do several key things for our communities:

  • Community Outreach
  • Task Force involvement and Aging Citizens Support
  • “Hands that Heal” Training for care-givers
  • Teaching recovery classes within shelters/safe houses and transitional housing
  • Speaking at public schools to bring awareness and to provide tips and tools for safety for kids
  • Refurbishing two facilities for homeless veterans
  • Continued aftercare for Survivors needing a safe place to prepare for life
  • Discipleship Program
  • Conducting Monthly Food Drive to the Homeless and Aging Citizens
  • Performing other community services events with Strategic Partners
  • Hope’s Closet (e.g. Furniture, Cars, Appliances, Household Goods, Toys, and etc.)

We welcome any donations you can give to help us achieve these short and long term goals.

You can give in any of the following ways:

  • Volunteers
  • Donate Items
  • Monetary Donations

For sponsorship packages and benefits associated with your level of giving, please see our Sponsorship Package for more information.

Checks can be mailed and item donations can be mailed to:
PO Box 1466
Temple Hills, MD 20757