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In the U.S. 56% if the number of cats and dogs who enter shelters are often euthanized. That equates to 4-5million animals each year (HSUS, 2010; NCPP, 2010).

According to a survey conducted by the Save the Children charity, one in four low income parents are unable to work because childcare is beyond their means (Save the Children, 2010).

The U.S. older adult population continues to grow. The number of Americans aged 45-64 - who will reach 65 over the next two decades - increased by 31% during this decade (HHS, 2010).

Forty-nine percent (49%) of foster children live in non-relative foster family homes, and only seventeen percent (17%) have been adopted (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2009).

Approximately 70% of jail inmates (State and Federal) lack a high school diploma. A year after release, 60% of these ex-offenders are still unemployed (MTC, 2003).

Today, an estimated 3 to 5 million people are without employment (Center for Economic and Policy Research, 2008).