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Our mission is to provide an ideal alternative to caregivers by providing supervised daytime care in a supportive and caring environment outside of the home for aging adults in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area.


Throughout the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area, our vision is to be the premier leader in providing eminent and affordable adult daytime care services to aging adults and their families.

For many aging adults, whether directly or indirectly, issues of death and illness become prevalent in their lives. Coping with these stressors is often very hard to do. As the U.S. aging population continues to grow, these stressors are increasingly exacerbated. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration on Aging, persons reaching age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 18.6 years, with the U.S. older adult population (those 65 and older+) having increased by 13.0% since 1998. More so, the number of Americans aged 45-64 – who will reach 65 over the next two decades – increased by 31% during this decade (HHS, 2010).

More and more, families are turning to adult daycare facilities to help make growing older an enjoyable experience for their loved ones. Bridging Hope’s Adult Day Care helps to address these challenges by providing outlets for friendships to grow and offering services that help provide solace to aging adults and caregivers, as well as aid in decreasing the feelings of isolation and loneliness many aging adults experiences.


Bridging Hope’s Adult Day Care is a community care facility which provides social support services to aging adults. Our facility allows caregivers the opportunity to continue working outside the home, obtain assistance with the basic physical and mental cares of their aging loved one, and avoid the guilt that is often felt by placing a loved one in an institution. Our services afford caregivers some respite from what can be a “24/7” responsibility of caring for their loved one. In addition, Bridging Hope’s Adult Day Care recipients are afforded the opportunity to socially interact with their peers, participate in stimulating activities, and receive assistance with daily living activities with the utmost respect and dignity. In addition, we also provide:

  • Enrichment and Social Support Services
  • Mental/Physical Stimulation Activities
  • Life Coaching