GOODS program Ambassadors know the needs of their communities better than anyone. That is why we are empowering them to recruit, screen, and approve/deny each application based on GOODS program suggested criteria.

Recipient groups include animal welfare and human services organizations such as:

  • Food banks and Pet Food Pantries
  • 501(c)3 animal rescue organizations (e.g., cat, dog, equine, and wildlife shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries) •
  • State, county, or regional animal welfare facilities
  • Law Enforcement agencies (e.g., animal control)
  • Housing (including emergency, transitional and permanent)
  • Community Resource and Outreach (including homeless services)
  • Domestic Violence Shelters and Resources
  • Women and Children
  • Veterans
  • Education or Literacy
  • Federal government agencies including Veterans Affairs and Federal Emergency Management Agency • State and local community programs and offices


Ambassadors must create a section on their organization’s website where there is:

  • An overview of the GOODS program
  • Clear instructions on how to apply to become a Recipient
  • An application form/s for potential Recipient organizations (samples provided by the GOODS Program; Ambassadors can have one application for all types of Recipients or have different applications for each type of organization/business)

We will direct anyone who comes to the GOODS website to your using an interactive map showing the locations of Ambassador organization and how to contact them.


Here is an example of straightforward instructions on an application process:

  • “To qualify, complete the appropriate application below.
  • You can complete the form online, then download it and email it to us.
  • You will need to email a copy of your IRS determination letter to info@ambassadorname.org to qualify.
  • If you have any questions, please send us an email at help@ambassadorname.org.”
We recommend that once an application is completed and submitted, copies of the forms are automatically sent to the applicant’s email address. At the time of submission, the applicant should receive an e-mail confirming the successful transmission of their application with an idea of how and when they will be notified of a decision.  


Below are examples of Ambassador webpages for organizations, law enforcement, etc. to learn about the GOODS Program and apply to be a Recipient. These can be used as guidance, keeping in mind that you must refer to the program as the “GOODS Program” as the “Rescue Bank” name has been sunsetted.
Examples of how you can build your GOODS Program Recipient application webpage:

Recommendations on how to screen applications, sample approval and denial language, etc. is provided in the GOODS Program Operating Manual. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at GOODS@greatergood.org.


Ambassadors must have a website, and social media channels, on which the Greater Good Charities partnership is represented. This brings more visibility to your work with the GOODS Program and the resources that are available to your community!

Social media requirements:

  • Share two quality photos with stories per truck in Jot Form (https://rescuebank.greatergood.org/recipient stories).
  • Tag Greater Good Charities and use #AmplifyTheGood in social media posts to promote the program!