In 2018, OOH, a non-profit organization, launched a mobile hygiene and resource program called Hope on Wheels (HOW) to provide showers, laundry, and mobile treatment services, including mental and substance, housing, harm reduction, and COVID-19 peer support services.

The motivating factor in establishing this project was the need to serve thousands of homeless and needy people who often have nowhere to relieve themselves, shower, or do laundry.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 that has continued to wreak havoc on the lives of many people, HOW has been critical in providing homeless and needy persons with meals, mobile toilets, showers, and laundry services.

To request the Hope on Wheel units, the following requirements are needed.

1) Complete the Donor Spotlight Form

2) Signed Letter of Support  (LoS)

Within the Letter of Support, you will find the below requests:

A) Videos- Minimum; One (1) Video from Organization and one (1) Video from an event Participant.  Please limit to 5 minutes.

B) Photos- Minimum of three (3) photos of the event(s); if items are provided, ensure pictures are included in the pictures.

C) Event Feedback

D) When making any public announcement about this grant, we would appreciate it if you would recognize the supportfrom the fund named earlier (Hope on Wheels) at the Bridging Hope, Inc. dba Organization of Hope, Inc.

Other services include providing mobile treatment and harm reduction services.

The core goals and objectives of the HOW are to:

-To provide showers, toilets, and laundry services in a mobile environment to deliver hygiene and rekindle dignity for our homeless citizens.

-Effectively embracing radical hospitality by providing an experience to our guests that revitalizes and re-humanizes.

-OOH provides an on-site Mobile Support Team with community volunteers who can provide medical, substance, alcohol, mental health, housing counseling, and other services to those in need.

-To offer Peer Support Specialists who can emphasize the needs of the community we serve.

-Keeping our communities safe by providing a Harm Reduction Program, which includes syringe distribution and collection, fentanyl test strips, Narcan training and Naloxone distribution, wound care, and HIV/HEP and sex workers testing.

In the past five years, HOW has served 8,135 people; 4,637 benefited from mobile toilets, 3,509 benefitted from showers, and 3,318 from laundry services.

Available Videos linked below to create the 1-minute video

Need for Mobile Hygiene Services- Everyone Deserves Audacious Hospitality

Hope on Wheels (HOW) Mobile Services Video:

“Home for the Holidays” Video:

Hope on Wheels (HOW) Business Development Video (slides used are shown below):

HOW Current Stats:  As of Feb 2023
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Our team is excited about coordinating the next steps as we expand our strategic network and determine how we can support one another.

Thank you for being so committed to improving our communities.

We look forward to reconnecting soon; be safe and blessed.