The Mission Of Doggy World Is to provide Quality Pet Foster Care and Services to Dogs Of U.S. Service Members, Military Families, and Busy Working Owners Throughout the Greater Washington / Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Doggy World Dedicates itself to Achieving a Vision for Pet Foster Care and Services In the Greater Washington / Baltimore Metropolitan Area in which communities are inspired to take an Active and Shared Role in the Caring and Sheltering of the Dogs.


  • Support Military Personel and Families
  • Ideal for Busy Working and/or Vacationing Pet Owners
  • Training and Breeding
  • Boarding and Grooming
  • Rescue Services


Our Mission is to Provide a Warm, Caring and Attentive Learning Environment for Children and Parents in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan area by working Collaboratively to Meet each Child’s and Familie’s Individual needs.

OOH’S Child Care Center is Dedicated o Achieving a Vision for Child Care and parent Training Services in the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area  That will make a Sizable Difference in the Lives of Everyone We Touch.



  • Before and After School Care
  • Educational Curriculum Development Programs
  • Parent Training Courses
  • Summer Programmes
  • Homework Assistance/Tutoring Services
  • Backup Day Care