Our mission is to improve our consumers’ quality of life, assist them in achieving their life goals, and enable them to live independently. All consumers have access to day programs and are assigned a Mental  Health Coordinator who works with them in their community. Consumers are aided in accessing and coordinating resources with the goal of ensuring the best possible treatment.

Who Does OOH serve?

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program at OOH works to assist individuals with severe mental illness to reach a higher level of
independence. The PRP program assists consumers with accessing and coordinating services and resources in their communities and works to ensure that the consumer has access to the best possible treatment. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Peer Support Specialist provides services within the home and the community. Our Aides assist the consumer with learning and developing improved daily living skills (i.e. personal hygiene, organizational skills, time management skills, nutrition, and money management), as well as working towards achieving healthy coping mechanisms.

Does OOH have a day program?

Yes, OOH operates day programs at both our DC and Baltimore City offices. The PRP Day Program provides consumers with various therapeutic, educational and recreational activities within a group setting.

What is a Behavior Health Home?

A Health Home is a program offered by the State of Maryland and OOH, Inc.OOH assist consumers in improving overall wellness through a whole-person approach to address their behavioral, somatic, and social needs. OOH, Inc.’s Health Home exists as an addition to the psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP). Health Home services can take place in a group setting, individually with the consumer, or in other ways, such as Health Home staff scheduling a medical procedure for the consumer. Services can cover a variety of topics, including care coordination, smoking cessation, substance abuse prevention, scheduling medical appointments, nutritional counseling, physical activity counseling, and medication review and education. Hospitals will even tell the Health Home when the consumer is hospitalized so the transition home can be smoother. New or existing goals will be addressed to improve the overall health of each consumer enrolled. Our goal is to see your health improve and to prevent you from needing to go to the hospital. We would love to celebrate your successes either in a group setting or individually.

What is the process to become part of the PRP program?

Once a completed referral is made, the consumer will be contacted for an initial intake to determine the appropriates of psychiatric
rehabilitation services. Once the intake is complete, an initial treatment plan will be completed with the consumer, who will then begin receiving program services